What do EU economic threats mean to Cambodia?

The threat of Everything But Arms withdrawal by European Union is no longer an uncertainty as Cambodia scurries to implement reforms and measures to meet the international standards including freedom of association and addressing labour disputes.

Is the Kingdom prepared for Industry 4.0?
Donald Lee

Enterprises and government need to do more to prepare people for the radical transformation in the economy because of disruptive technology in manufacturing that will displace millions of low-skilled, uneducated workers

Trade sanctions as a political weapon

The European Union, in both subtle and not so subtle ways, has started imposing sanctions on Cambodia. These, and US lawmakers’ further pressure with trade restrictions on Cambodia is predictable.

An European Union flag flutters outside the EU Commission headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, January. Reuters


EBA status allows the world’s poorest countries to sell any goods tariff-free to EU nations, except weapons. About 48 countries are EBA beneficiaries including Myanmar, Lao PDR, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Timor-Leste.