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Money laundering – Cambodia’s troubling suitcase
Sok Chan

The arrest of three Chinese nationals with $3.5m in their bag has only roused further suspicion over the state of illegal money making its way into the Kingdom. Questions remain unanswered if the situation is merely the tip of the iceberg

Japanese grants to shrink
Sok Chan

While the last remaining Japanese aid shrinks, Cambodia must now look at ways to persevere with grit and sweat to stand on its own feet, at long last

China’s new world order

The British have had their world order in the 19th century, after which the Americans took over the century. And now it is the Chinese’s turn.

The time to change is now
Miles Dugmore

The economic tariffs on rice exports to the EU were mainly at the behest of Italian rice producers who could not compete with imported rice. As seen in trade wars, we are likely to see more of this sort of action – certainly among the major trading blocks.

Power shortage a wake up call
Miles Dugmore

Cambodia is primarily reliant on coal and hydro for its power, and as we are aware, the hydro part is being constrained by low water flows in the Mekong. There are more coal-fired plants planned in Sihanouk Province and these will make a valuable addition.