The Bridge brings Singapore style to Phnom Penh

Let’s face it, a lot of residential buildings in Cambodia look boring. Close your eyes for a minute and imagine Paris, think of London, pretend you’re in New York City. You can see the skyline.

Let’s face it, a lot of residential buildings in Cambodia look boring. Close your eyes for a minute and imagine Paris, think of London, pretend you’re in New York City. You can see the skyline.

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But what about Phnom Penh?

The capital’s nickname is “the Pearl of Asia”. Shouldn’t it have unique buildings that give it a signature look? Fortunately, there is one building that is taking risks and making the city picturesque. Located in Tonle Bassac district, The Bridge is defining the look of the new Phnom Penh.

Residents here have an ideal situation that combines style, function and elegance. Sure, other buildings have pools, gyms and gardens. But this building does it with class. And, after all, you can’t buy class.

The Bridge means business

Sitting in the ever-popular Tonle Bassac district, The Bridge is a “see and be seen” kind of place. It’s right down the road from NagaWorld Hotel and Casino complex. This is where high-profile international visitors stay when they come to the Kingdom. It also hosts tonnes of conferences and meetings.

Aeon Mall is just a few blocks away. Aeon is a landmark of the capital. It was responsible for sparking the shopping mall revolution in Cambodia. Having it right at the doorstep means residents can pop over almost any time of day.

Don’t forget about Diamond Island too. It’s one of the most popular entertainment areas of Phnom Penh. There are restaurants, picnic areas, carnival rides and the biggest exhibition centre in the country.

The Bridge complex also has access to Daun Penh and BKK1. The former, of course, is home to the Royal Palace, the commercial business district and tonnes of businesses while the latter has shopping and restaurants galore.

From the windows of The Bridge you can see all of Phnom Penh spread out before you. You can see cafes, the mighty river, and the beautifully designed government buildings. This 45-storey building makes you feel like you’re on top of the world.

Creative cladding

One thing that makes The Bridge unique is the gorgeous diamond-shaped cladding on the exterior. It’s a sleek design feature that puts the building in a class of its own. Buildings like these are what that put Phnom Penh on the map. When a tourist sees that exterior they will think of Phnom Penh, the Pearl of Asia.

But the exterior isn’t the only part of The Bridge that emits a refined air. It’s a mixed-use space. That means there will be businesses and homes side by side. Thankfully, the lines flow seamlessly. Everything is minimal and professional.

The days of tacky furniture or mismatched trim are over. At The Bridge, every component is scrutinised. From the couches and plants by the pool to the curtains in the one-bedroom units, everything matches the theme.

A slice of Singapore

Apart from boasting the most stunning views of Phnom Penh, tenants at The Bridge also enjoy services and amenities based off Singaporean standards. These include a 24-hour concierge desk, security and maintenance as well as high-speed internet, one of the country’s largest indoor infinity pools, a world-class gym and ample car parking.

Singapore has been hailed as a “tiger economy” of Southeast Asia. In the span of a few decades it became one of the world’s more properous economies.

Experts are even dubbing Cambodia a “new tiger economy” and predicting it will be part of the next generation of developing nations to experience breakneck growth in a short period of time.

Only time will tell whether Cambodia will follow the path laid down by Singapore. But one thing is certain: The Bridge is already offering up a slice of what life will be like in Phnom Penh in the years to come.

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