The looming Fed’s loose monetary policy
Wei Hongxu

The US administration’s new tariff threats against Mexico and India show that the US has a tendency to expand its range of trade frictions with other countries. This has undoubtedly created further impact on the global capital market.

UK hopes trade deal with US could soften Brexit blow

The famous German philosopher and economist Karl Marx once wrote in his 1848 Communist Manifesto that workers would have “nothing to lose but their shackles” in the struggle against their capitalist oppressors.

US, Mexico begin talks aimed at avoiding tariffs

US President Trump has threatened to impose tariffs on Mexico to put pressure on the country to keep migrants from crossing into the US. Mexico has said the tariffs would only make the migration problem worse.

US, China boast 80% of world’s unicorns

Since the term “unicorn” was first used by venture capitalist Aileen Lee six years ago to describe a privately held startups valued at $1 billion or more, the number of companies matching this label has mushroomed to 326, according to a report.