Trade finance: the life blood of commerce
Jimmy Phua

Since the dawn of civilisation there has been trade finance. Initially, it was fairly primitive. Now it is a highly sophisticated trillion dollar industry financed primarily by financial institutions.

UK hopes trade deal with US could soften Brexit blow

The famous German philosopher and economist Karl Marx once wrote in his 1848 Communist Manifesto that workers would have “nothing to lose but their shackles” in the struggle against their capitalist oppressors.

Malaysia’s Mahathir rekindles gold standard debate

The Malaysian leader has proposed a gold-pegged common trading currency for East Asia. Experts say returning to the gold standard is easier said than done, especially when the motive is more political than economic.

Benefits of multiple trade agreements

In the first issue of Capital Cambodia, 1st February, 2019, the nation’s lead trade negotiator, Sok Siphana said Cambodia should sign as many bilateral and multiple trade agreements as possible to diversify the country’s export markets.