real estate

Will real estate be the third economic pillar to fall?
Sok Chan

Cambodia has seen a tremendous transformation of its post-conflict economy, weathering the financial crisis that gripped much of East Asia and Southeast Asia in 1997 and recovering to record a growth rate of approximately 8 percent between 1998 and 2019. A watershed moment came in 2015 when GDP reached $1,070, marking the emergence of a […]

old building

Call to refurbish capital’s old buildings
Sok Chan

The real estate and construction industries say it is time to refurbish older buildings of heritage significance in Phnom Penh because some – built as recently as the 1960s – are suffering from neglect and decay.

How to start a real estate agency in Cambodia
Ky Kosal

A lot of foreign businesses are taking an interest in the Kingdom of Cambodia due to its attractive investment environment. As such, local entrepreneurs have thrown in their lot to set up real estate companies to meet the demands of both fellow Cambodians and foreigners.