Surpassing middle income trap a great challenge for China
He Jun

In the process of moving towards developed countries, developing countries inevitably would go through the phase of middle income traps. With China’s economic growth and rising national wealth, the nation attempts to bypass the middle income trap to become a developed country.

Quandary over development loan applications
Poovenraj Kanagaraj

The property sector has witnessed a significant growth over the years with investors and developers taking advantage of the opportunity and demand here. However, developers still face the problem of securing loans for their projects as banks remain cautious of lending in the sector. Often, complaints involve tedious application processes that are likely rejected by […]

SMEs buck potential growth on CSX
Sok Chan

Four years on, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have yet to populate Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX)’s Growth Board. The bourse has not received any application for listing, to date.

Feeding city folks via food apps
Poovenraj Kanagaraj

Hunger pangs are being satisfied these days by innovative ways with the growth of food delivery applications, enabled by rising smartphone users and increased data as urbanisation consumes Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.