Sky31 welcomes the new urbanite

The truth is, suburban life is new to Cambodia but people are eager for that type of living. They not only want luxury and convenience but also safety and a relaxing environment. Sky31 is a residence that defines suburban living.

Riding a motorbike through Toul Kork district, you could be forgiven for thinking you’re in an outer area of Bangkok or the suburbs of Ho Chi Minh City. The truth is, suburban life is new to Cambodia but people are eager for that type of living. They not only want luxury and convenience but also safety and a relaxing environment. Sky31 is a residence that defines suburban living.

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Just like other areas in Southeast Asia, Cambodia is witnessing a growing middle class. Business owners, office workers and many others are making more money and moving up the ladder.

At the same time, family size is shrinking. Couples in the Kingdom routinely have just two or three children but this new generation of Cambodians has greater demands for housing. They want options with more luxury, and houses that are closer to the city’s many amenities.

Enter Sky31. It’s one of the few complexes in the city bringing what urbanites want. And being one of the tallest buildings in the capital, it does what it does with style.

Xie Weifeng, general manager of Sky31, says younger people make up a key demographic of the building. “Most residents are singles or young couples,” he adds.

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The high-rise lowdown

Sky31 spans 31 storeys and offers 230 residential units.The location of Sky31 is one of its strongest assets. Right off Monivong Blvd, the building has access to so many things. It is within a stone’s throw of banks, hospitals, shopping centres, schools, and hotels.

Inside the complex, true luxury becomes apparent. This matches the demands we see from new urbanites. The seventh floor houses a spacious clubhouse with a bar, an outdoor swimming pool, pool table, table tennis, two gyms, a playground and a viewing walkway, all for the exclusive use of the residents.

Modern Cambodian families want a place to take their children to on the weekends. They want to provide them with healthy activities.

Take a look at the units themselves and you will see that they are innovative. They’re decked out with smart home-tech and the latest security. The new urbanite is highly connected and knows how to use the latest gadgets.

“Each resident is even offered a customised ‘digital butler service’ through video intercom,” says Weifeng.

Then, of course, there are balcony and window views. Being the tallest building in Toul Kork means Sky31 has some of the best vantage points of Phnom Penh’s skyline. It is something you’ll learn to love on those stressful nights when you just need to take in the view.

The parking pointAsk anyone on the street about the drawbacks of living in Phnom Penh and they would surely mention the traffic. Many families aspire to own a car. They are safer than motorbikes. The air conditioning and seatbelts are key points. However, try driving across Phnom Penh at 5pm on a weekday, it can be frustrating.

Sky31 has taken the pivotal step by giving residents a massive parking area. There are nearly 230 parking lots. The new Phnom Penh urbanite drives a car. As we see more and more cars on the city streets, we see a need for infrastructure improvement. Often, there just isn’t room for all these vehicles. That isn’t so at Sky31. Designers here anticipated the future of the city and set aside plenty of room for vehicles.

Value proposition

All this talk of the new urbanite shouldn’t have you thinking that condos in the city are a needless luxury. In fact, compared to cities across the region, Phnom Penh is still affordable.

Units at Sky31 start from just $900 per month for rent and $225,000 to own. This means that a unit could be many things to many people. It could be a home for a young couple, the first investment for an established family or a way to generate another income.

In a country like Cambodia, real estate plays an important role in people’s financial lives. Property is a store of wealth, a vehicle for growth and an investment for future returns.

The new urbanite

There’s no doubt that Cambodia is changing quickly. The nation’s GDP growth is set to be around seven percent again this year. This means more and more people will be making lifestyle changes.

Who is this new Cambodian? They want affordable luxury. They want security, convenience and stability. They want a place to raise a happy and healthy family.

Sky31 provides a place for the new urbanite. It provides a place that will tick all the boxes.

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