Service tops at One Residence

Life in the capital can be hectic and frustrating. But there’s one residence that is keeping it classy and organised for a legion of international professionals. Today we’re diving deep into what life is like at BKK1’s One Residence.

Life in the capital can be hectic and frustrating. But there’s one residence that is keeping it classy and organised for a legion of international professionals. Today we’re diving deep into what life is like at BKK1’s One Residence.

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Let’s face it, a lot of residential buildings in Cambodia look boring. Close your eyes for a minute and imagine Paris, think of London, pretend you’re in New York City. You can see the skyline. But what about Phnom Penh?

The capital’s nickname is “the Pearl of Asia”. Shouldn’t it have unique buildings that give it a signature look? Fortunately, there is one building that is taking risks and making the city picturesque. Located in BKK1 district, One Residence is defining the look of the new Phnom Penh.

At this point, everyone knows about BKK1. In fact, the area is so important for residential life that it will become its own district later this year.

Residents here have an ideal situation that combines style, function and elegance. Sure, other buildings have pools, gyms and gardens but this building does it with class. And, after all, you can’t buy class.

This place means business

Jovany Antonio, founder of CMS Property Management, the company behind day-to-day operations at One, says that most residents are either single or have small families.

“They are mainly established business professionals contracted to live and work in Phnom Penh from various parts of the world,” he adds.

Indeed, if you’re here to do business, then BKK1 is the most convenient place to live. In addition to being right down the road from the CBD, the area has tonnes of cafes, offices and restaurants. Whether you’re scheduling a short coffee meeting or a full lunch with visitors from abroad, you’ll want to do it here.

Just around the corner is NagaWorld Hotel and Casino complex. This is where high-profile international visitors will stay when they come to the Kingdom. It also hosts many conferences and meetings.

Aeon Mall is just a few blocks away. Aeon is a landmark of the capital. It was responsible for sparking the shopping mall revolution in Cambodia. Having it right at the doorstep means residents can pop over almost any time of day.

The full treatment

But the amenities outside the doors of One Residence are nothing compared to what’s inside. They are offering a truly feel-good package that combines both luxurious amenities and top-of-the-line service.

Tenants can take advantage of the rooftop pool, panoramic gym facility, car park with lift system, and free bicycle rentals. Services include housekeeping, 24/7 concierge, laundry, security staff and free daily breakfast catering.

Living here, you might be fooled into thinking you’re at a hotel rather than an apartment building but with the rise of expat migration, digital nomads and international travel, more people want something that blurs the line.

Ross, a tenant of One Residence, who gave only his first name, says that the service really goes above and beyond expectations.

“There are always cheerful smiles and bright “good mornings”. The security staff is so helpful. They do everything from helping to fix a broken-down scooter, clearing oncoming traffic and calling the lift for you,” he adds.

When asked how One Residence stands out from the pack of serviced buildings in BKK1, Antonio says: “The condo has maintained popularity because of its combination of excellent design and a professional full-service package offered to all tenants.”

Step inside

What about the actual rooms? Well from the looks, they aren’t skimping on the designs either. Just as it attracts a wide variety of diverse residents, there is a wide variety of units. The building has over 15 configuration options, ranging from studios to three-bedroom penthouses.

However, its the elegance here will impress you. Wood panelling and massive windows mean every unit feels peaceful and cosy. Whether you’re chilling with Netflix after a long day at the office or reading a book on a rainy Saturday, you’ll be relaxed.

Everything from the choice of sofas to the light fixtures was chosen to match the theme. The days of tacky furniture and mismatched curtains are over, Phnom Penh. Residents here are excited to have friends over for dinner or small parties.

Ross says the design really makes him feel at home, adding that, “the building has been put together in a way that creates a pleasant ambience – it’s appointed with great fixtures and fittings, very functional, and retains a degree of warmth you do not often get in apartment hotels of this size in Asia.”

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