Corporate Social Responsibility

Over the years, SSEZ has played an active role in the betterment of the society including training local workers, donating to local causes and sponsoring the education of students. Below are some of the activities as per its corporate social responsibility to Cambodians:

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  • SSEZ engages Hodo University from Wuxi Province in China to train local workers in the economic zone on international trade
  • Relevant Cambodian government deparments are invited to China to experience the concept of establishment, management and successful practices of China’s development zone
  • Seven scholarships were awarded to Cambodian youths to study in China
  • SSEZ partnered with Wuxi Commercial Vocational Technical College of China to build the training centre in the zone to train locals
  • Enterprises in SSEZ are urged to implement Cambodian governmental regulations of social welfare so staff can enjoy public holidays
  • SSEZ donated $254,000 to build a local school in 2008

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