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Finding calm in choppy South China Sea

Taiwan declared it will continue its “humanitarian” search and rescue work in South China Sea, where it possesses the largest of some 500 islets.

Deal with now-China, not an ideal China

It’s ironic that the trade talks fell apart near the 100th anniversary of the May Fourth Movement. Named after student protests on that day in 1919, the term signifies a wider campaign to change Chinese society.

Timely to make bureaucrats time conscious and accountable

The directive by Prime Minister Hun Sen to district governors to refrain from following him around to hear his speeches and instead focus on their constituents is long overdue and similar to the reduction on the number of public holidays, could not come any sooner.

The heat is on!

The US China trade war with President Donald Trump and President Xi Jinping as the key players shows the world two men with a lot of self-confidence. Or is it overconfidence?