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Finding a path forward in the economic zone

Thirty one-year-old Heng Ly Chhe used to unemployed in Sihanoukville where she grew up. She was uninterested in the menial jobs that were available in the town until she heard about a vacancy at Hongdou International Garment Co Ltd.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Over the years, SSEZ has played an active role in the betterment of the society including training local workers, donating to local causes and sponsoring the education of students. Below are some of the activities as per its corporate social responsibility to Cambodians: SSEZ engages Hodo University from Wuxi Province in China to train local […]

The man behind the scene

Framed photographs line the walls of Sok Siphana & Associates at the firm’s Phnom Penh office on the 8th floor of Maybank Tower, where lawyers and their assistants work in silence.