Boutique building becomes urban oasis

Embassy Central is a place of mellow luxury right in the heart of BKK1. Located just off Monivong Blvd, the complex is a pillar of quaint and convenient living. But the building is more than just a place to come and go.

Embassy Central is a place of mellow luxury right in the heart of BKK1. Located just off Monivong Blvd, the complex is a pillar of quaint and convenient living. But the building is more than just a place to come and go. Indeed, it’s a place you will want to stay.

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One of the biggest challenges these days can be making a new place feel like home. However, the developers behind this project have done everything to balance style and comfort. Units feel homey and warm. The building’s greenery is calming and unifying.

Li-Sa Low, marketing manager for Urbanland Asia Investment Co Ltd, the group behind Embassy Central, says that young professionals and young couples alike are moving to the place for its location, nearby schools and amenities.

“Many feel the proximity to their work and a vibrant lifestyle,” she says, adding that many residents like going for walks around the neighbourhood.

Indeed, Embassy Central is part of a long line of Urbanland Asia’s boutique living spaces. Its offerings are focussed on a holistic experience that offers peace and flexibility.

But what is boutique living?

Coming from the French word for “small shop,” the word “boutique” conjures up images of sleek style. It is fashionable yet somehow timeless. In this day and age of Instagram filters, think of a boutique space as pure eye candy.

Embassy Central has a total of 119 units across 25 storeys. They range from one to three bedrooms in size, or between 61 to 159 square metres. Interiors here are truly a thing of beauty. Furniture has been handpicked to fit with the unified theme. It is minimal yet elegant.

Kitchens here are styled in a Western way, and sit in open plans with both dining and living areas. Everything is fully decked upon moving in. Residents come with a home they can customise and configure in many different ways.

Upon stepping into a unit you’ll feel a sense of relaxtion sweep over you. The massive windows and oversized balconies are really a focal point of this place. Each place takes in tonnes of light, spectacular views, and a taste of the greenery that makes the entire building so unique.

Lastly, the furniture and decor in the units is artistic and sleek. The use of dark wood makes everything feel sturdy and durable. Chairs, sofas and beds are all minimal yet comfortable. A home at Embassy Central feels like you’ve lived here for years already.

Wellness in focus

Embassy Central offers up a feeling that you won’t find in many other complexes in Phnom Penh. Several of the building’s key features centre around wellness and convenience. These aspects include its 21-storey vine wall, three separate terrace gardens, swimming pool and poolside garden, private function area, children’s playroom, fitness centre, and six levels of parking.

The spectacular vine wall diffuses light and lets you feel natural breeze right after stepping off the elevator. Phnom Penh can often feel stifling and dry. Needless to say, there aren’t a tonne of green open spaces across the city. Embassy Central compensates for that shortcoming by bringing it right to its residents’ doors.

Gardens, on the other hand, are great places for morning yoga, an afternoon coffee, or lounging in the evening. With all this nature around, Embassy Central is an oasis in the middle of the capital.

Of course, all the amenities mean life is that much easier. Residents have a place for their car, places to relax, and a place to stay fit.

‘A place for living’

It’s no secret that money has been flooding into Phnom Penh’s condo market. Many developers are slapping things together quickly to turn a profit. But a quality building takes time and care. Clearly, Embassy Central was meant to be a place for people to live, not just a place to invest money.

Putting the units at Embassy Central in context with the rest of the capital, Low says that they were not just for speculation.

“The [Phnom Penh] condo market recently has been driven mainly by smaller units [around 40 square metres] targeted at investors. Embassy Central stands out with spacious homes meant for living. Living green is living well.”

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