Accommodation for a new generation

Since it opened in 2014, Silvertown Metropolitan has been a steadfast residence in BKK1. Indeed, it is one of the most exceptional living spaces in Phnom Penh. Located right in the nexus of the city, Silvertown has access to the best of what the capital has to offer.

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As Phnom Penh grows, the market for mid-to long-term luxury accommodation is growing. Tourism and other industries are growing at an unprecedented rate. And, after all, everyone needs somewhere comfortable to stay.

There are more offerings, to be sure. But we are also seeing growth in the level of service offered by residences. In fact, this is where most buildings will try to stand out from competitors. Nowhere can this be felt more than in BKK1. It has been called the “foreign quarter,” but it’s also a hive of business and entertainment.

Interestingly, BKK is set to become a district of its own later this year. This is telling of what the district has become, and what it’s set to be in the future: the capital’s main area for luxury residences.

Digital nomads to entrepreneurs

It’s 2019. The world is more interconnected than ever. Even in Cambodia, more people are travelling both for work and for pleasure. In many ways this shift is generational. Younger people crave experiences over material goods. They want to build connectsions rather than collections.

More and more people are moving into tech-focussed careers. They are learning to program, design web pages or write for online news sources. Many are also doing freelance work or even starting their own online businesses.

This means more people are travelling for work, more people are finding work abroad, or making business connections in other countries. But these people want more than just a chain hotel when they travel. They want something more unique, something with more of a connection to the city they are in. Most importantly, they want something that will be comfortable if they are staying long term, and something that has all the amenities they need.

The rise of lodging and homestay apps already proves that the industry is shifting. Silvertown Metropolitan is part of the latest wave in the industry. It offers residents fully-furnished units that give them a home base in Cambodia. It’s a place to call home for a few weeks or a few years.

Urbanite utopia

Units at Silvertown come in either studio, two-bedroom or three-bedroom configurations. All are outfitted with kitchen, dining and laundry areas. Additionally, they all come with a refrigerator, hairdryer, robe, TV, telephone, towels and linens, high-speed WiFi, housekeeping and access to concierge service.

Where the place really shines is its design. Units are spacious, have large beds and sleek lines. The massive picture windows let in light and give you supreme views of Phnom Penh’s skyline. Balconies give you a place to take in the fresh air, enjoy an after-dinner drink, or even host a weekend barbeque.

As far as amenities go, the ones at Silvertown give a resident everything they could want. On-site fitness facilities means you don’t have to go through the trouble of finding a gym nearby. The rooftop swimming pool and lounge area means you already have your go-to weekend chill location picked out.

Of course, all the amenities of BKK1 are at your fingertips here, too. All the capital’s best restaurants, shopping and entertainment are in the neighbourhood. This means you won’t spend all your time travelling around the city. You’ll be able to spend your time doing the thing you want to be doing.

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